Anne Naylor

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to my guide for creating the wealth you would like to enjoy in your life. So far, I have been blessed with experiences of both relative wealth and relative poverty. I enjoy more the wealth end of the spectrum.

The difficult times have always without fail proved to be “blessings in disguise”. So I have learnt, and am still learning, to love it all!

Gloria Steinem wrote:

I write what I need to know; and teach what I need to learn.

In sharing what I have learnt so far, I still have more to know and more to learn about creating and experiencing wealth. I hope that this book will give you ideas, suggestions and tips from my experience to date.

Many years ago, I decided that I would rather learn from life than from books - the kind that would give me academic qualifications. It was rather an arrogant decision to make. But it has meant that my life has been a wonderful adventure - and continues to be so. During my life journey, however, I have learnt a lot from some wonderful authors whose books are mentioned at the end of the book.

In my work with individuals and groups of people, I look for the natural wealth each one of us has. What I look for is what I find. By looking for the goodness, I begin to relate with it and it comes to the fore. I have discovered that each one of us is wonderfully equipped with all the resources we need to enjoy a good life. No matter what is happening at this stage in your life, right now you can begin to choose to have more of what you want, less of what you do not.

My sense is that many of us are living at a fraction of our capacity for fulfilling our lives - we can potentially do so much more and not necessarily with more stressing and straining, but in peaceful and enjoyable ways. Writing this book is for me a step towards realizing my own greater capacity for loving, peace, joy, fulfilment and financial success. From my earliest memories of cutting my birthday cake at the age of four and making a wish, it was always for “health, wealth and happiness”. I share this wish with you - as much as you can realize it for yourself.

It is humbling to me how unique each person is and special in their own way. When I take the time to get to know someone, I am more often than not in awe of their natural qualities and innate strengths. What also gives me great joy is that as different as we each are, we nevertheless share one thing in common and that is to express and receive love. We are connected with each other and none of us is entirely alone. For those of us who feel different and not like everyone else, this is very comforting. We can be true to ourselves and yet know and value our place in the world.

The suggestions I offer through these pages are just that - only suggestions. Feel free to read it however you are moved. Dip in to pages at random if you wish. Above all, learn to trust your own intuitive guidance. Your way to wealth may be quite unlike anyone else’s.

What I would hope to do is encourage, give hope and at best inspire you into your own wealth; that through reading The Wealth Book, you will experience yourself as more wealthy than before. As you choose to express your inner wealth, if you wish, you will also produce wealthy results in tangible outer forms. If I have done my job, this will happen!

The wealth that I am proposing is about so much more than money alone. As we realize this more clearly, then we are less attached to wealth as money, and freer to enjoy an expanded vision of what wealth is all about.

The wealth that you are, you already have within you.

Enjoy reading The Wealth Book!

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