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Personal Philosophy

The view I take is that each person as a soul is rich in energy and resource and as such is innately well supplied to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. What is more, each one of us is divinely connected to a greater whole for giving, receiving and sharing resources. There is presently more opportunity than ever before to realize our natural goodness and to contribute wholeheartedly to the world in which we live, according to our gifts, talents, skills and aspirations. We have this choice and possibility. It is my joy and pleasure to work with those who would like to share my vision and intention.

Wedding Celebrant

Ordained in 1981, I have been designing and conducting unique and personalized wedding ceremonies for couples who come from all over the world to celebrate their marriages in the South of France, and other destinations. Often with mixed faiths and cultures, I enjoy fitting the ceremony to the individuals and couples concerned to ensure their day is special and memorable.

Following an in depth interview with a couple, I determine the kind of ceremony that is best suited to their needs.  I assist them in the process of choosing the vows that are real and meaningful for them, suggest readings, music and symbolic exchanges within the ceremony that give it a distinctive and personal quality.

Intuitive Success Coach - Clear Results Consultations

Since 1982, I have been using the gift I have of assisting people at a turning point in their lives, or wishing to effect a positive change in their vocation, relationships and/or spiritual focus.  Initially, the client takes the Clear Results Self-Assessment to begin to understand better their personal motivations, needs and aspirations.

The Consultation takes 2 hours during which time I attune to the purpose, core value and personal values that are key for the person’s well-being, success and happiness. The process is primarily one of asking relevant questions and listening both to the answers given and the sense I have about the next phase of life awaiting expression. Further one hour sessions may be arranged to assist the process of transformation.

The 2 hour session can produce results from 3 months to 3 years afterwards. Clients have reported that the session still has value for them as long as 10 years later.


Since November 2008, I have been a weekly contributor to The Huffington Post, Living Page. Each article is written to inspire fresh hope and confidence in readers.  Over 90 articles are presently available in my archive on that site.

Article topics include success, career development, achievement, leadership, self-confidence, self-esteem, well-being, longevity, sleeping habits, love and romance, marriage, relationships, forgiving, gratitude, meditation, communications, service, empathy, spiritual growth and development, job creation, wealth, good luck, personal fulfilment, closure and completion.

Personal Development books published by Thorsons HarperCollins in the 1990’s:

Superlife  The Seven Steps that Spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S 1992

Superlove  The Guide to Happiness in Personal Relationships 1993

SuperYou Be the Best You Can Become 1996

Superlife focusses on achieving material success in the world. Superlove recognizes that success in the world depends a great deal on your happiness in relationships with others. You cannot change those closest to you but you can change your attitude towards them, choosing to spend time in those relationships, which are most nurturing and rewarding for you. SuperYou develops the theme of being personally accountable for self-esteem, well-being, personal values and the freedom of taking responsibility for choices and outcomes.

Super in each of the titles refers to the higher conscious, wisdom or loving presence that guides our decisions towards experiencing the best our lives can be.

My latest, The Wealth Book - Winning With Spirit, addresses wealth in the broadest sense, not exclusively monetary wealth but as importantly, human value as it translates into wealth. It is an inspirational journal following discoveries about my own manifestation of wealth and offering techniques and methodology for creating wealth, based on your values, inherent value as a human being and intrinsic motivation.


Corporate Training Programmes in Personal Development were created and presented. Topics included: Success, Inner Motivation, Early Retirement, and were given to organizations including: Barclays Bank plc, British Telecom plc, Canada Life Assurance, Marks & Spencer plc, Norwegian Institute of Journalists, Save The Children Fund, Sheraton Luxury Hotels, VISA International.

These programmes are based on methodology written in Superlife The Seven Steps That Spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S. They recognize that better business is built on personal success, aspiration and the keen motivation of employees.  The individual can direct their own career progression within the objectives and values of their employing organization.

An important feature in any interactive, experiential seminar I conduct is that of creating a safe environment in which each person feels at one with who they are and easily able to express the truth for and about themselves. This quality enables a dynamic synergy to take place, which inspires, encourages and uplifts all who are present.

Possible Dream Groups - South of France

For nine years, I held monthly Possible Dream Group meetings to assist people to identify and fulfil the personal aspirations that are close to their hearts and values.

Each meeting had a positive focus in which each one felt safe to express their heartfelt objectives and goals. Small and large, many dreams were realized - finding new jobs, places to live, relationships, sale of property in difficult markets, recovery of stolen jewelry, resolving health issues, buying or selling personal effects.

One of the main benefits was that Possible Dreamers left each meeting feeling more inspired, energized and motivated to take whatever steps were necessary to realize their dreams. Participants found new friends in those, who perhaps unusually, were able to speak openly about what was true and important for them.

International Forgiving Day 15th March

Through the process of going through divorce, I realized the value of forgiving, especially of myself.  For 10 years, I held the vision of one day in the year being declared International Forgiving Day. 15th March because it followed two weeks after an interview on Riviera Radio on the topic: Forgiveness when it is really difficult.

No accident perhaps because 15th March is also known as the Ides of March as referenced by the story of Julius Caesar and the story of betrayal. We betray ourselves when we abandon the truth of our inner knowing, our connection with the divine and the clarity we have as spiritual beings.

Over the ten year period of celebrating the power of forgiving with groups of friends, I came to understand and experience the extraordinary qualities that forgiving brings into human life. The impact of a group focussing on forgiving on one day would continue for several days afterwards. Spontaneous acts of forgiving were also reported back to me by people who were not physically present at the event I had organized.

Human Energy And Resource Technology (H.E.A.R.T.) Limited

Also known as HU TEC, this company was formed to recognize and appreciate the wealth of human energy and resource, within individuals and communities worldwide. Co-created with my then husband, he used the HEART vision to create new employment through Job Creation Limited, setting up successful projects in Europe, Africa and the US.

I took the vision to assist individuals to realize and fulfil their own prosperity and productivity.  The wealth of who we truly are is known in the heart.

Spiritual Studies

A chance invitation in 1970 took me to India. I had had no previous intention to explore spirituality but while there, the power of Indian mysticism was unavoidable. I came to realize how there is so much more to life than meets the physical eye. I was not drawn into ashrams or to follow gurus while there. Simply living, travelling and writing journals led to the beginnings of my awakening as a spiritual being, very much part of this extraordinary world, less of a stranger in a foreign land.

The Indian capacity for acceptance made a strong impression upon me. This quality helped me to recognize how each person has a valuable part to play in the larger community in which they live, and is worthy of respect. That included me.

When I arrived in Bombay on a sunny January morning, I was overwhelmed by the mass of humanity waking up, many of them on the streets. A friendly merchant took a friend and myself for a tour of the city in his Jaguar.

6 months later, I met up with him again on my point of departure back to England. He said that I had changed, transformed and become like a priest.  He said he would buy me an ashram in the Himalayas so that I could assist people.  Whether or not that would ever have happened, who knows.  In any event, I was not ready to take up such a calling and was more interested in assisting people to attain the spiritual sense of themselves without necessarily having to go to India to do so.

In common with many other travellers at that time, I was disillusioned by what I saw as the materiality of the West. However, I felt strongly that I could not effect any changes as a somewhat displaced person in India. I had been born, raised and educated in the West.  I knew that I should return and come to terms with my life in England. Then if I wished to make any difference in the world, I would need to go to “the centre and the top” and not as an outsider.

Centre and top originally meant leaders in the fields of education, commerce, government and health, for example. It has since come to mean my own higher consciousness, which is central to my highest intentions for a life well-lived.

As an avid journal and letter writer in India, I was passionate to write about what I had witnessed among my fellow travellers there, which included people destroying their lives on addictive drugs like opium and heroin. What a waste. It hurts me, now as then, to see the needless loss of the gift and opportunity of life. I was introduced to major UK publishers but was not then ready to write my book.

9 years after my return from India, when I had come to terms with living back “in the West”, I was introduced to the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. Since 1979, I have been studying the teachings of John-Roger, participated in many retreats and other events and continue to deepen my own spiritual inner awareness through this church.

20 years after my return from India, I was invited to write my first book. That book was Superlife. As I began to write it, I was moved by the same passion I had experienced all those years before.  This time, my work with individuals, corporations and service organizations had given me the material for my writing.  I was ready.



Avon Cosmetics
Barclays Bank plc
British Telecom plc
Canada Life Assurance
Marks & Spencer plc
Norwegian Institute of Journalists
Save The Children Fund
Sheraton Luxury Hotels
VISA International

Published Works

Sample image Superlife The Seven Steps That Spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
Published by Thorsons HarperCollins
Superlove Superlove The Guide to Happiness In Personal Relationships
Published by Thorsons HarperCollins
Superyou Superyou
Be The Best You Can Become
Published by Thorsons HarperCollins

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