Forgiveness: A Key To Healing

March 15th is the day I remember forgiving. This year's winter has been harsh for many, both economically and in terms of climate. Challenges give us choices and choices are produced by becoming aware of the larger picture that is present. In my experience, awareness comes through relaxation, love, and a willingness to be open; to expand beyond the limitations of normal seeing, hearing, or feeling.

Waking up on January 21st, deaf in one ear, was a shock to me. Last week, I was in London having MRI scans to explore the cause of this sudden hearing loss in my left ear. It turns out that I have a benign acoustic neuroma that is blocking the acoustic nerve artery to the cochlea. There is a tumor which is expected to grow slowly, if at all. More scans will be done in six months to reevaluate if surgery is necessary.

This condition is truly an opportunity. First of all, what can I learn from it? Secondly, I am excited about how I can move forward with the condition. Can it be healed and my hearing restored? Present medical science says no. Whatever the state of the condition, how am I going to expand my experience and expression of life anyway? How can I use it to amplify the human spirit that I am?

Here are 7 Steps To Healing And Good Health that I am now using:

1. Acceptance

Accepting the loss of hearing, and its finiteness as given to me by the doctors, was not easy. It is important to be with and to accept the feelings that show up. Acceptance lifts you such that you can better cooperate with the condition you are presented with.

Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.
Mario Fernandez

2. Receiving

Be open to receive the support you need to take you through the issue - and out the other side. Each of us have a need to give. Givers need receivers.

People who pray for you and wish you well, can make a big difference when it comes to having faith and trust in a healthy outcome. Engage positive witnesses who celebrate your triumphs and assist you to maintain an expansive focus.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light of your own being.


3. Learning

In the human spirit that you are, each challenge brings you a gift of learning and greater understanding. When the learning has taken place, the condition no longer has a purpose. It may leave.

The attitude of gratitude for all the goodness you have right now may be one of the greatest lessons you have to learn.

Whenever we are appreciative, we are filled with a sense of wellbeing
and swept up by the feeling of joy.

M.J. Ryan

4. Forgiving

A health crisis often brings emotional reactions. You can use forgiving to bring balance; to release misunderstanding, sadness, disappointment, anger, frustrations or regret.

Forgiving is one of the best ways you can draw the curtain back to reveal your spirit. Through a renewed connection with the Divine, you may receive fresh inspiration; the blessings of others who care; insights of peace and reassurance; joy and the sheer humour in daily life.

Here are two statements I find valuable. They can be repeated at any time - standing in line, waiting in traffic, walking, running, dancing or swimming.

I forgive myself for any judgments I have made or held
against myself or any other being or situation,
consciously or unconsciously.

I forgive myself for forgetting that I am divine

Forgiving is a choice

In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

5. Expanding

How could you invite a larger vision for yourself? How could you heal your consciousness to bring about improvements in your life?

You may for example, wish to simplify your life. Change your job to fulfill a heartfelt vocation. Develop closer friendships. Reduce superficial acquaintances. Do more of what makes you happy. Let go of unnecessary obligations. Say "no" to what you do not want. Say "yes" to what you do.

Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish

Jean de La Fontaine

6. Dreaming

Give yourself permission to dream. So far, what have you not dared to ask for, and receive? What have you denied that you would really love to be, or to do, or to have? Sleep on the question and allow yourself to be shown when you wake what it is you want in your heart of hearts.

Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

7. Acting

Start to make the changes that will bring about your deepest desires and your fondest dreams. Find new ways to communicate what is true for you. Dare to do things differently. Be willing to explore and discover fresh meaning in life.

The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.


Forgiving is central to letting go of past hurt, and opening the door to a brighter future. Happy Forgiving Day!

How has forgiving made a difference to you? Have you ever transformed your life through a healing crisis? What important dream have you yet to realize and fulfill?


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