Anne Naylor

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ANCHOR YOUR EXPERIENCE of wealth, well-being and your place in the world

There has often been a certain “magic” in manifesting the things that has been important to me. Maybe I have just been lucky that way. If so, this is a gift that I would like to share. In Chapter 4, I recalled Florence Scovel Shinn’s “Our ships come in on a calm sea”. The sea may be calm, but the ship is moving on it.

Another image I like is that we are each vessels laden with treasure - our gifts, qualities, talents, energy, spirit of enterprise - that we hold for a purpose. That purpose is to enrich our journey in this lifetime. As we employ our gifts, we gain experience and in this way discover our place in this world. What is more, in the course of our life it is possible to develop and expand the gifts we have. These gifts grow by our giving of them.

The destination towards which we sail is our intention. The heart of the vessel knows clearly the intention. However, the world being the way it is, we often get distracted from our intention and the best course we can take. Mentally, physically and emotionally we all too easily go “off course”. The interesting thing for me is that actually nothing is really “off course” because we can recover from it and enrich ourselves further through our “mistakes”. This is a wonderful world in which we will always win - if we have a mind to do so.

One of the greatest joys I have experienced with HEART Consultations is sitting down with a client who has come to me because some aspect of their life is in disarray. Within them is a calm centre which fully understands everything that is going on, is at peace with it and what is more, knows the way through and out of the confusion, That is the aspect of the person I aim to listen to and communicate with. There is usually humour and enthusiasm in this calm centre. It is highly active. I knock on its door, which flies open.


My vision for individual and world peace, started in 1984, is not one in which everyone would be in agreement. Far from it. The richness and diversity of human culture in the world is such that an acceptance of only one way being “right” could ever take place. Dissensions happen even in small family units, far less between nations. Through the differences however, whether within a family or between neighbouring countries understanding, respect and appreciation can be brought.

Solving world scale issues is what I am aiming to do. I leave that to the politicians and statesmen who know better how to work large group dynamics. I am concerned and interested in how individuals can resolve their issues and come to peace within themselves, regardless of what is going on in the world. That to me comes very much within my domain of understanding and creating health, wealth and happiness.

The person who is at peace with him or herself is well equipped to produce peace and productivity in their own “tiny ten acres”. To achieve this end has been part of my own quest for greater health, wealth and happiness. I might say that I am a work in progress. But it is an exciting one, perhaps not unlike polishing the facets of a diamond. Life has had a way of delivering fresh challenges to my peace. My response is to bring from within and around me the resources I need to restore and strengthen my peace.

The more I can anchor the peace in me, an unfolding process, the better able I am to enjoy it in the world around me. And the better able I am to expand my experiences of all around wealth.


In order to literally “anchor” a new experience into your consciousness, there is a simple technique that you can use. It involves physically touching while you are in that moment of peak experience. For example, you may touch together your forefinger and thumb; rub an ear lobe; touch your heart centre. Then in the course of your daily life, you can re-connect with the experience of wealth by activating the anchor you have set up.

The following guided visualization will assist you to experience a peak of health, wealth and happiness at which point you can establish your anchor. You can either read through the visualization, or you might like to record it and listen to it with your eyes closed. Either way will work.

Begin by taking in a deep breath, then letting it go and letting go of any thoughts, feelings or concerns. Take in another deep breath and allow yourself to feel peaceful and empty as you breathe out. Another deep breath and this time imagine taking into your body a very clear crystalline white light. Let this light sparkle through every cell in your body. Feel the radiance growing in you. Listen to the sweet harmony as your cells vibrate happily, in tune with the greater part of you. This greater part is who you truly are - beyond your personality, thoughts, feelings, imagination and worldly concerns. This One is here to serve your expansion into your greater good. Right now, this One is ready and willing to open to the very best that is now available and waiting for you to claim it.

Envisage your Self in front of a huge screen surrounded by a warm rose light. You notice yourself in the middle of the screen and gradually, the elements making up your greater scene of health, wealth and happiness are showing up. It might be a healthier lifestyle, improved nutrition; contentment in an important relationship - possibly the relationship with yourself. abundance of money and other resources. Enjoy these gifts that are being given to you now. Breathe in once again, deeply to expand the good feelings you have. Breathe out and become aware of a peacefulness growing in you.

With these gifts you become aware of qualities resonating in you and you can see them written up in gold lettering around the screen, or you may hear the qualities being sung. What are these qualities that you notice now? Take them deeply into you. breathe them into every cell of your body. Observe the radiance of your own image on the screen, your confidence, beauty and unique presence. Now, anchor this experience by touching your thumb and forefinger; rubbing an ear lobe or perhaps placing your hand over your heart centre. Feel this fullness and own it. Celebrate the magic that you are. The special gift that you are - to yourself and the world around you. Experience the gratitude for this gift of your life.

Now very gently and in your own timing, allow yourself to come back into your everyday awareness, radiant, joyful and at peace.


A formula I have learned for dealing with challenges as they show up aare the Spiritual Laws. These laws offer me a way through a circumstance that is disagreeable to me, and returns me to a state of healthy harmony and wellbeing.


The first law is Acceptance. This is less a passive resignation to some inevitable outcome and more taking a stand in preparation for action, or willingness to do nothing if that is appropriate. It is human enough to feel stuck in a negative situation, to feel powerless and prolong the conflict, sometimes “rubbing salt into the wound” by criticizing ourselves and others, or the situation itself. Acceptance in this case would be to accept the negative feelings, or the situation, just as it is. Once the situation has been accepted, then it is easier to view it objectively, and begin to effect a positive change.

Acceptance extends more deeply to accepting yourself and the goodness that you are. It amazes me sometimes how just when things are getting hard, we turn and be hard on ourselves by wishing we had done better, blaming ourselves, punishing or depriving ourselves in some way.

In his book: Spiritual Warrior The Art of Spiritual Living, John Roger reminds us:

The only thing you can do on the planet is the best you can.
The people on Earth do it the best they can
and then they say it wasn’t the best they could.
And then they worry about that,
because they could have done better.
And if they are given another chance
they will do it the same way the second time too.
And a third, and a fourth, and fifth and sixth.
What you might say to them is:
“If you could have done better,
you would have done better,
and you did the best you could.

Rather than fight ourselves, we so much need to love ourselves. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is low and 10 is high, how much would you rate the love you extend to yourself right now? If the number is low, see if you can create an intention to raise it even by one point. Accept the goodness you are. Honour it.


Co-operating produces a new experience. Once you have accepted the circumstances, then you can look for ways to cooperate with it. Co-operate - literally to work with. That does not mean giving up your perception or perspective to another’s. It does mean taking into account a larger picture of what is happening. The cooperation actually begins within yourself. To cooperate with your own guidance and wisdom to bring about a resolution that satisfies you.

If the imbalance you are experiencing is mainly in you, then you need to be aware of and accept the mental and/or emotional imbalance you are experiencing. Not judge or fight it but cooperate with it such that you regain your equilibrium. In the past, I have been fortunate in having a close friend who detected at an early stage when I was going out of balance so I was able to “course correct” before I became too entrenched in an upset.

There is a saying that simple awareness is often curative. I learn to listen to the negative feelings when they show up - often a source of valuable information. Then act according to the insights I receive.

When the upset involves one or more others, I keep my intention for a peaceful resolution in mind and work towards that end. And more often than not, the resolution brings blessings with it; gifts that I could not have anticipated. Sometimes, this has involved letting go of my need to be “right” about the issue. It always involves accepting and respecting another’s point of view and position, even if I do not agree with it.


The process of cooperating, as with any action, leads to a new experience. Imagine you are standing in a room with your back to one wall. The room will look a certain way. Now move to stand in front of another wall. The room will look different. All you have done is move. Co-operating can be like that. You will see the same issue from at least one other angle.

Just imagine if nations could do that. Move to see the side of a room, of another nation, the way they view it. On a trip to the former Soviet Union just before the Berlin Wall came down, I was travelling with a group of mainly Americans who had grown up seeing Russians as their sworn enemies. Time and time again, meeting local people, they discovered how very similar they were. These people who were supposedly “enemies”. In this growing smaller world of ours, we are really not so dissimilar. If only we have the eyes to see.

With understanding, we stand in support of first of all ourselves, but not against others. There are some with whom we will be close and feel more connected. Others will move to a different beat and we may choose to be more distant. At the end of the day, we are actually all on the same “side”, living on this world for better or for worse. And as conscious beings, we can choose the better. We can agree to stand in support of the better and allow each one to work that out for themselves.


Understanding flows to enthusiasm - being in God’s energy. With enthusiasm we are lifted into an experience of energy, confidence, well-being - yes, and true wealth. With enthusiasm, I have seen extraordinary things happen. I see enthusiasm as part of our natural state. We connect better with others with the energy of enthusiasm. We become irresistible. Enthusiasm is infectious. With enthusiasm, we awaken each other up to new possibility and reality. We see through a glass not darkly but clearly. We touch into the Light of our truth, not the falsehoods that cause us pain and problem.

Close to enthusiasm is joy - the exuberance that is sometimes best seen in young children, alive with delight, discovery and pure spirit. We may lose that quality but in fact, it is never lost to us and can always potentially be reawakened. Enthusiasm and joy transcend differences of gender, nationality, age - or just about any other difference you can think of.


Finally, on our passage through the spiritual laws we arrive at empathy, the profound connection we have within ourselves and others. With empathy, we have an appreciation for the journeys and experiences we have all been through - and here we are, alive to share and honour who we each are.

Empathy gives us that touching into the best of ourselves. Empathy has a quality of peace and trust with it, a knowing that all is well; that we are not alone and abandoned to this life, but share a connection with others who do care; to a presence of love much larger than any one of us on our own. Where there has been trouble, empathy lends comfort.


To further condition yourself into greater wealth, you might like to incorporate the Peace Prayer into your daily thinking. A peaceful frame of mind will make you more productive and successful whether you are at work, pursuing a hobby or interest, spending time with friends, meeting a challenge, focussing on an objective. What is more you might find that it now becomes a valuable part of your intention for wealth.

You can say the Prayer for yourself when stuck in traffic, or with a group of people who are expressing themselves negatively in some way, or to a situation of conflict or disturbance somewhere in the world. Whether you are saying the Prayer for yourself or others, you will benefit from it To extend peace, you must first hold it within yourself. No peace was successfully projected out of hate, resentment or frustration.

The Prayer is:

God bless you.

I love you.

Peace. Be still.

People Enthusiastically Applying Creative Excellence

On the way to Hawaii in 1984 on that first round the world trip, I stopped in Southern California for two Peace Awareness Trainings at a hilltop retreat overlooking the Pacific. Between the two, I had a weekend staying with a friend in Pacific Palisades. By the side of her pool, I had a clear sense of what peace could be, or how it could become, through:

People Enthusiastically Applying Creative Excellence

This peace is not passive. It is highly active and productive. It affords an expansion or increase of human value, and through that, an appreciation of same. That vision has been cooking up in me ever since. I have seen how it works, on a small scale, with people immediately around me. In quiet ways, I have been promoting it to explore how it works.

I look at people as instruments of peace, even when they are less than peaceful, they nevertheless have that potential. I love the Pygmalion Effect which shows how what we are expecting of people, they tend to produce. At home or the workplace, expect the best of people - there is a good chance they will deliver. it. Often we have doubts that get in the way of good intentions - the road to hell is paved with good intentions - but less good intentions and more doubts, fear and impatience.

There is a saying: What is wisdom? Practice, practice, practice.

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