Anne Naylor

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Within you, you have a wealth of knowing, wisdom and understanding. What is more, within you you are connected to others and the wealth of resource that they have, potentially to share with you. There is an illusion from which I feel we all in a way suffer: that is that we are isolated from each other.

For the most part, we are. We lead separate lives. Our minds are busy. Our emotions are going up and down and all over the place. Our imaginations are driving us with desires of all kinds, sometimes fed by advertising that tells us we are happier and better people for having one or another product or service in our lives. Then of course there is the news which I swear is designed at times to frighten the living daylights out of us. We live in a circus. Bring on the clowns.

However, there is hope (or I would not be writing this). With awareness, we can stand back from the outer world of sensory stimulation and attune to the knowing we have within us for guidance, comfort and a sense of our positive place in the chaos. This sub-culture of people learning to choose for themselves how they wish to experience and express their lives is quietly growing.

The growth of communication resources has meant that this alternative culture, at one time the preserve of only a few, is now becoming much more widespread as those who are seeking can more easily find over the internet what they really want for themselves. It is more possible now than ever before to be true to yourself and your heartfelt aims and intentions.


Florence Scovel Shinn was an artist and book illustrator by profession who taught metaphysics in New York. Her little book: “The Game of Life and How To Play It” was first published in 1925. Her themes are as true today as they were then. When I need a reminder of living “fourth dimensionally”, I turn to her book. In the past, I would give out copies to clients who came for Consultations.

The world has become more exciting and rich since 1925. It may be less easy to stand back and be silent these days. With the impact of so much going on around us, new inventions being developed and opportunities to engage in the world increasing all the time we are being drawn out into it. What I love about her approach is that she invites us to “speak the word” for what we wish, ask for guidance as to what if anything we need to do by way of taking action, and hold a positive expectation of the result coming in. In all of this, we remain calm. No drama or histrionics. Enthusiasm, joy and anticipation, yes but not an emotional dependency upon the result, or fear that it might not take place.

When I first started giving the Consultations, I would prepare the following affirmation for each client. This affirmation was adapted from one of Florence Scovel Shinn’s:






This affirmation took care of any concern I might have about the outcome. I would question, listen and offer back the guidance I was receiving inwardly. It was a highly intuitive process - and it produced results! Not only was my client confident to return to their life with renewed direction, but I felt enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of well-being. Connecting with the best in my client enables me to connect with the best in me.


When you look at the word intuition, it can be broken down into 3 parts: in - tuit - ion. “tuit” I understand as teaching, education or leadership and “in” shows the direction from which this learning takes place.

The following steps offer a way of using the intuition for creativity or problem solving.

1. What is the issue for which you are seeking solution? Write it out as clearly and as concisely as you can.

2. Access your intuition by

An affirmation: My intuition is giving me clear direct guidance.
A statement to invoke calm: I am at peace, or Peace be still.
Contemplating an object such as flower, a leaf, a vase.
Listening to baroque or similar instrumental music

3. Become open-minded
Close your eyes, observe your breathing, practice a relaxation technique to stand back from the world and the things that usually occupy you. Certain guided meditations can also assist you to step back from everyday life.

4. Be aware of images that come to mind
Allow yourself to receive images - listen for a sound, look out for a picture, you might have a specific feeling - tactile or affective or be able to taste something or sniff out a lead. An intuitive flash may come spontaneously or as an impression.

5. Interpret what you receive
Listen for the meaning the image has for you. It may come to you spontaneously, or you may need to play with the image and observe the insights it throws up for you. Techniques such as word association and mind mapping may help to open the door to the insight you are being given.

6. Let go, relax and be patient
If the answer you seek does not come to you right away, simply put the issue on a back burner and let it incubate a while. It could be that the information you seek is not ready for you - or you are not ready for it. Be assured, you will get it in perfect timing. The right solution will emerge spontaneously.

7. Be open in quiet moments to flashes of inspiration
Out walking, having a shower or doing some repetitive activity such as washing up, weeding in the garden or cleaning the car are often good moments for receiving clear insight.

8. Take action to implement the solution
When your intuitive mind has shown you what to do - it is important now to do it.


 Focus of ease and grace and peace

The more relaxed you are, the better you can attune to your inner guidance and wisdom. The more stressed you are, the more difficult it is to receive because tension will shut you off and down. Beyond relaxation alone, there is an attitude you may wish to cultivate: that of life being easy, or easier; of things happening perfectly for you and in perfect timing; of your world within and immediately around you being filled with peace.

This attitude is one of openness and positive expectation. An affirmation I used to practise was:


These days, that is pretty much how I see life and events, even the ones that are difficult for me. There is always a positive side, when I remember to look for it.

 Life-enhancing positive environment - inner and outer conditions, non-toxic

As much as possible, a life-enhancing work and home environment will make a difference, not only to you having better access to your intuition, but to the quality of your life in general. We hear so much about toxicity as it effects us through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the noise that impacts us and so forth. We seem powerless to change those things outside of us.

However, we can adopt a frame of mind that is non-toxic and life-enhancing. We can be more accepting and less resentful towards others, or guilty in ourselves. The more we can find to be “for”, and the less “against”, the more open and receptive we become. So we can actively look for that which we can stand up for, and less seeking to be critical - whether that is towards other people, world events and most of all towards ourselves. I grew up learning to be very critical towards myself, never satisfied with my achievements, driven to do or be “more” than I am. Wrong approach!

Strongly I believe that the more I, and others, nurture an internal environment that is clean, clear and as peaceful as possible, the better able I am to contribute to a healthier peaceful world. I may feel disappointed and frustrated with the outer world and unable to do anything to change it; I can do a lot from within me. That is my wealth potential.

 The part that love has to play

 An exercise which I have often given to groups is one I call the Quality Exercise. Simply, it is to look around to at least 5 other people and make a note of the greatest strength or quality you notice in each person, and to write it down. Having done that, you read through your list of qualities and own them with an opening:

I am...   or

I have the quality of....

The point being that you only see in others what you have in yourself. Usually there is at least one person who denies a certain quality that they have identified. But then other members of the group recognize it, and feed it back. What if you were to focus on the good in your fellow workers, your family members, neighbours or the man at the bus stop? What if more of us were to do that? Imagine how powerfully positive we might become, creators and attractors of so much good in our lives. Little by little, it could be quite transformational.

The love in you recognizes the love, in its many forms, in others. It is love that connects us to the best in ourselves, and the best in others. Expanding the love in your everyday consciousness will facilitate the access to your intuition and to be in touch with a wealth of resources that are available to support you. Whatever the problem, a loving consciousness provides the solution.

 Balance: knowing when to act, and when to hold

Sometimes you need to listen; sometimes to take action. Sometimes you just need to go out, have fun and be distracted or entertained! That is to say, take yourself lightly. As the saying goes: angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. Know that much is being worked out when you are not mentally or logically trying to work at it.

There is value both in being actively engaged, and for holding steady when there is no obvious action to take. There is also value in learning which to choose at any time. Ultimately, there are no mistakes because there is always value in learning. And you can love yourself in the process of learning. With love, you will always win. With love there is no loss; no loser.

  Dream work/play

Night-time dreaming can provide you with insight and guidance from your intuitive self. Whether you are wanting to solve a problem or move forward with a creative project, you can prepare yourself in advance of sleep to receive; have a journal and pen ready to write when you wake up with insights or symbols; then learn to interpret the symbols you receive - which could take the form of words, images, feelings, sounds, tastes or smells.

Dream interpretation I feel is best done by yourself, not by going to a book of dream symbols. Only you can know what is true for you, the meaning that any symbol has for you. The key is “knowing”, and being true to yourself. A recommendation I have about interpretation is to always look for the good or the best in any image you receive. Why? Because you always have that choice. To be choosing the positive, the loving and the best in any situation, in waking or dreaming life, results in a wealthier outlook and the frame of mind that will draw to you what you most want.

Even a nightmare can be viewed in a positive light. You can ask to see the positive and be shown what it is. I have had good experiences being in a dream class with others. My dreams were never interpreted for me. But others interpreted my symbols, as if they had dreamed them. I found their views gave me another way of looking at what I received, but there was no “should” coming from their opinions.



If life were all positive, I might not have a job to do - or it would be different that is for sure. This is by and large a “negative” world but the good news about it is that we develop attitudes and strengths so that we lift above it to enjoy what might be called a “positive conversation”, no matter what is going on. The spirit in us has the possibility to do that. I see it as awakening the spirit of who we truly are so that we can be more vital, vibrant and in every sense wealthy.

Obstacles, blocks and barriers seem to me to be useful in our being able to rise above them to realize more of that extraordinary spirit that is human. We may see or hear of people who rise above the suffering of a disability and lead extraordinary lives. So we too have the possibility to lift above whatever we meet as challenging, and choose to affirm the positive. I have found that it has been when I am at the edge of, and closest to, a challenge that I am most intuitively attuned to creative solutions because I am most intent on finding them. I become aware of things I would otherwise not notice. Life becomes more fascinating and rewarding.


Just walking around, it is possible to “pick up” negativity - someone is depressed and those feelings go out from them. If you are sensitive to those feelings, you may catch them and feel depressed. Or you may be with people who are expressing anger and frustration. Here too their disturbance may impact on you and get into your system. Public places can sometimes have a heavy quality to them which you could find depleting.

To lift yourself out of the negativity, you can call upon the spiritual quality of Light. Putting the palm of your hand over the centre of your forehead, you say to yourself:

Clear, disengage and disconnect any negativity

through the Light for the highest good

Take in a deep breath and let it go.

You may need to repeat it, until it releases and you feel better and more expansive once again. You may use this exercise to clear disturbance you have had with another person by adding their name to the clearing; or similarly from a place you have been. Envisage the Light coming in to you as you breathe in and the negativity dispersing as you breathe out.

 Physical activity

Regular physical exercise helps to release blocks and give more energy - choose something that is really fun for you, or it becomes a chore that you resist. The point here is that movement awakens you to the knowing within you. Have you ever gone for a walk and had an idea come to you “out of the blue”?

 Deep breathing

This short exercise can be done anywhere to give you access to your inner wisdom. Your eyes can be open or closed but look within yourself as you do it. Start by calling yourself forward into the presence of the Light with the following invocation:

I call myself  forward into the presence of the Light for the highest good.

I ask that any negativity be lifted and released from me.

I give thanks for the blessings I now receive.

Take a deep breath. Observe the air entering your body and become aware of a slowing down taking place. Let the breath go and let go of any tensions or tightness in your physical body, mind or emotions. This time, as you take a deep breath, envisage a clear bright Light entering your body, cleansing your mind and emotions, lifting your consciousness into greater harmony and peace. See if you can envisage every cell within you sparkling and vibrant with new health and vitality. Another deep breath, and this time sense the Light within you radiating out from you. Let this Light extend from you and prepare a way for you to move forward, with clarity and trust, even if this way is new for you.

Any time, know that you can expand the Light within you through your breath and that this Light will lift your consciousness and show you your way forward. Know that the way forward may be shown to you inwardly by inspiration, or it may come through a direction given to you from outside.

We are, life is, designed for movement. I believe the skill - and the fun - is in discovering how we can cooperate with the opportunities we meet at the highest rate available to us for the most rewarding, fulfilling and wealthy life.

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