Anne Naylor

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Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.
This or something greater for the highest good


Create a clear intention (in - tent) - quality of “knowing” - this is it.

A clear intention is powerful.
When you want something keenly enough, and actively go in pursuit of it,
you can literally move mountains.
Mountains of doubt, fear, resistance will crumble
when you engage your spirit and commit to your goal.
You will amaze yourself!

There are three important components that make up a clear intention.

1. Mentally - you need to have a clear thought or idea about what you want.

2. Emotionally - you need the energy of enthusiasm to fuel the journey.

3. Physically - you need to take the action to achieve it.

If one of those elements are missing, you are not on solid ground. If you have a great idea and a lot of enthusiasm but no way of progressing it physically, it will not work. If you have a great idea and know how to do it, but lack enthusiasm, again it will not work for you. If you have lots of energy and start working at it physically but do not have a clear enough idea, then you lack clarity to follow it through,

Get all three lined up and then you will have a “hummy” feeling - hummy a technical term reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh, bear of little brain, but much wisdom. The wealth I am proposing is not a process of struggle and difficulty. The way I offer is one of ease and Grace. Wealth is not just the result you seek, but a process you enjoy.

Another way of looking at clear intention is that it has a deep quality of “knowing” about it. When you just know something, it is anchored in you as a certainty. For example, when I go shopping for an item of clothing, I may not be able to define exactly what I am looking for but I will know it when I see it. And I do. Something in me says: Go for this. The price is right. It fits what I am looking for. I simply like it. It feels as if it has been waiting for me to find it.

There must have been times when you have experienced clear intention. Possibly when you were going for a job; making a business deal; choosing a life partner; pursuing a hobby. You may have surprised family and friends but you honoured what was true for you and were absolutely fulfilled in the choice you made.

Your intention may not be rational to others. But then, they are not living your life. When your intention is true for you, you will find people who will support you. If they are not among your present circle of friends and contacts, they will show up. The friend with whom I had been living in France had to leave to find work in England. I had to adjust to living on my own again, to finding another, smaller place to live and fill the hole that his leaving left behind.

In the week before he left, we went to our hairdresser for appointments. There, having lunch with our hairdresser and his partner, was a woman who had courageously raised two daughters on her own, understood and knew the property market well having bought and sold properties in the area and generously offered to assist me to find a new home. She became a wonderful friend and had supported me in many more ways than home finding.

The doubts that those close to you may abandon you, may not be true. Bless those doubts. They can serve you. They do not need to stop you. If in doubt, don’t do. Believe that people usually mean well. However, your own intention and resolve has to be greater. It is worth listening to the doubts to see if they have any validity for you. When in doubt, check it out. But do not dwell in doubt. Let it go. Refocus on what you want.

Polish and hone the intention - God is intention

There is a higher and deeper quality of intention that is available to you. Consider the possibility that there is more to your life than meets the eye. Going back to my experience of travelling in India in 1970, when I landed in Bombay, I was at first overwhelmed by the huge number of people and the poverty in which so many were living.

During my travels, I was impressed by the attitude of acceptance towards the material deprivation people seemed to endure. In spite of the poor conditionsof their lives, they nevertheless expressed a dignity and serenity which touched me. There was a powerful spiritual quality that emanated from these people en masse that was new for me. I found it energizing and inspiring. It blessed me with my own greater self-acceptance. I felt ok. Perhaps there was a place for me in the world after all.

At the point of leaving India, I resolved that what I had found to be true as a spiritual quality in India would be equally present in any part of the world, “even in Piccadilly Circus”, I said to myself, the least spiritually enlightened place that I could think of. I have since discovered much more about how “there is more to life than meets the eye”.

As I come to more fully appreciate the goodness that I am, that we all are, and the goodness that my life has for me, I have experienced a sense of pure connection flowing between me and my intention. Imagine a high point of light that comes down through you and anchors into the ground you stand upon. Every aspect of the nature within you comes into line with this shaft of light. Physically, emotionally, mentally and even unconsciously, you are clear to move forward in the direction of your intention. Your heart comes alive with joy, enthusiasm, confidence, certainty and commitment.

If the word “God” is meaningless for you, then you might think of “higher power”, or love or simply goodness or even a source of unlimited energy that is available for you to call upon and that you are a part of. For the purpose of this text, I shall continue to use the word God.

The goodness, the God, in you is in communion with the greater God, for whom or what, “God” is far too small a name. God is in that intention. More than that, God is that intention.

I am going to invite you to consider that God is in every aspect of life in this world. God is in every person, to start with. God is in all life forms. God is in everything that man has created. Everything has a divine purpose, a value, because God has created it. Even the so-called “bad” things.

Suppose you were to invite God as your partner. Just imagine how very resourceful you would be! You have access to anything you need to fulfil and realize your intention. There really are no limits. You will find that your prayers get answered, even before you voice them, in ways you could never have imagined.

If you already know your intention, or even if you are still wondering about it. this exercise will assist you to polish and hone your ideas so far.

Standing in a Column of Light

Envisage in front of you a column, like a column on a Greek temple, about a metre wide, firmly planted on the ground and extending high up into the sky further than your eyes can see. Now instead of a solid object, see the column become transparent, light and very clear so that you can actually see through it.

Notice how it has a crystalline quality to it so that it sparkles vibrantly. Take a few steps forward until you are standing right in the middle of this column of light. You might be able to feel the sparkles touch your skin, and experience a sense of balance supporting you, even hear a gentle sound that resonates very sweetly within and around you. Take in a few deep breaths and feel a relaxation and peace filling you.

The sparkles of light have a special quality to them. They will clear and clean any mental and emotional debris that may be clouding your outlook in life. Doubts, fears and frustrations are but a few of the negative conditions that the sparkles of light will lift from you. If you have any physical tensions or pain in your body, you can see the sparkles go there and release blocks that are causing you to hurt.

Notice how your burdens are being lifted away from you, high up above you. Feel yourself actually becoming lighter, brighter, more filled with your own special light. Observe your spiritual heart, how it fills with a deeper knowing of what is true for you, giving you the confidence to stand up tall for what is true for you. Notice the love that is filling you.

Unlike the column on the Greek temple, this column of light will move with you. You might like to get up from where you are and move around a little. The column of light stays around you, supporting you. You can call on this column of light any time you wish it to be with you.

Spend a few more moments in this light. Breathe it into you. Ask for any clarity you would like to receive about your intention. Be open to receive the insights you need. When you are ready, make a note of what you received.

Living with Intention

In his book, The Power of Intention, Dr Wayne Dyer describes 7 faces of intention which bring us closer to realizing a wealthier life in all senses. These faces are:

  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Expansion
  • Unlimited Abundance
  • Receptivity

These faces make up the outlook we nurture to live up to our intentions for a better quality of life. All of these faces speak to me of the love that sustains the best in myself and in our world.

As we change our outlook and the frame of mind over which we can take charge, we will discover that the world around us will shape up to us accordingly. What you look for is what you will find. Look for beauty with that intention and you will see it, even in situations that seem to lack beauty.

By way of an experiment, wherever you are right now, focus seeing on the colour red. Look around you and notice where you now see red. Take a deep breath, let it go and relax. As you relax, it is easier to reflect on and nurture the faces of intention within yourself. There is a greater life that you may aspire to, and it is in your hands but first of all in your mind and heart. From the inside out. As Wayne Dyer says: Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.

Let intention be your guiding light. It is a light that you can always return to in a dark moment. This light will show you a way forward. It works because you choose to cultivate a consciousness of light. This is a conscious commitment. It is one that I have been practising for many years. In my experience, it pays off daily, as daily I re-connect with the Light within and around me.

A theme that went through my third book: SuperYou: Be the Best You Can Become was the Possible Dream. The Possible Dream acknowledges that we are powerful creators and can create whatever we want in our heart of hearts.

In 1996, I started a Possible Dream Group that met once a month on a Saturday morning. We took time to talk about our Possible Dreams, our intentions, typically heartfelt wishes that we had in our relationships, our careers, challenging situations we were meeting or simply life experiences that we wanted to have.

The meetings were empathetic and positive in tone. We looked at our challenges as opportunities for gaining strengths. People talked fearlessly about the successes they achieved. There was an absence of criticism or talking down. We might disagree with what someone described as a Possible Dream but we did not express disapproval. At the end of the day, even if we go down the “wrong” path, we can always learn from it. No experience is ever lost. Group members talked shamelessly about what was important for them, knowing that they were safe to do so.

At the end of each Saturday morning, we left inspired, encouraged and enthusiastic to go back out into the world. Possible Dreams were realized - a Possible Dream marriage; a Possible Dream baby; the healing of a child with a rare form of autism; houses bought and sold; jobs found. Over the nine years that the meetings ran, we enjoyed sharing optimism, hope and trust in the process of life supporting our heartfelt intentions.

There was a magic about those meetings. The format was stunningly simple. A positive focus and conversation; safety to express oneself and be heard; mutual respect. Although I never had the opportunity to do so, this simple format could easily be applied in schools and the workplace. What a difference it would make!

Living fourth dimensionally - out of mind and emotions and into unconditional love

It has been said that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. If I do not direct my mind by choosing what I put into it, it will overrule me with negatives - doubts, fears, jealousies, resentment, guilt. I think it goes with the territory of being human. The good news is that I can use every negative to strengthen my positive focus. I can always choose to love me and any negative pattern that may surface. Unconditional loving I find transforms my inner world with greater optimism and humour.

Living fourth dimensionally, that is to say seeing everything in and around me with a positive focus, means that I never feel disconnected or abandoned. I stay at one with the loving presence in me that draws the best of life to me. Even in the process of writing this book, I am being tested with my intention to stay positively oriented and loving towards myself. Truly, that is part of the purpose of writing it: that I come closer to living fourth dimensionally and assist others to do the same.

This is the gift that I give to myself and I hope to share with you.

Turning negatives into positives

The view that I take is that ultimately, nothing is negative. Everything that is or happens has value and a positive purpose. Nothing is actually “bad”. I do see terrible things taking place and that there is tremendous suffering and conflict in this world. How much can I do to control or change all of that? I am not inclined towards politics. I simply do not see large scale solutions for major world problems.

I do see ways forward on a local scale and more immediately with friends and clients. Not qualified as a psychologist or therapist, I do not have the skills to assist people to work through their problems. I have however trained myself to focus on the goodness and strengths that are often incipient in a person at a transition or turning point in their life. My intention is to focus on new and emerging strengths and qualities and those are what I find. As I focus on the strengths, they have a way of becoming conscious to my client and bring with them new confidence, clarity and a way forward.

People just are extraordinary. Not necessarily those who achieve celebrity and our attention in the news media. But the extraordinary ordinary people who are living remarkable lives. When you look beneath superficial appearances, I find that there is always something very special to discover.

Positive focussing

The advantage of positive focussing in the Consultations I offer is that a client rarely needs more than one session with me. Once the light goes on to show them a way out of their dilemma, they usually have the motivation and personal resource to get on a new track to find greater fulfilment in whatever aspect of their life was previously lacking. The drawback from my point of view is that I do not benefit from return business!

However, life has a way of rewarding me in other ways. Nothing has ever been lost. I have enjoyed precious empathy with people by noticing and feeding back to them their God-given qualities, talents and abilities.

In every circumstance I do my best to focus on the positive. I am responsible for and create the life I want to lead. Sometimes it comes to a moment by moment choice. How do I look for the positive in bad news? How do I lift into the fourth dimension, the larger picture, and see a perfect plan unfolding?


When I was presenting early retirement seminars to Barclays Bank managers and their wives. Part of my brief was to talk about having a personal philosophy in retirement. At the time, I was in my mid 30’s so too young to have experienced retirement to talk about it from a personal point of view.

The way I found to approach personal philosophy was to write on the flip chart:

What does positive attitude or positive frame of mind mean for you?

In pairs or small groups, people would discuss the question. Then I would ask for their thoughts to write up on the chart. Personal philosophies emerged. These were statements of personal value that would support a healthy, fulfilling life throughout retirement. It was another example of sharing a consciousness of expansion and optimism within a group.

A favourite saying I recall is: The attitude of gratitude is the key to success. Remembering to count my blessings is one way I cultivate a foundation of inner wealth. Many years ago, when I was going through some difficulties, I would take a 15 minute walk and literally count all of the gifts and blessings I have. It was always transformational.


Like intention, awareness has a quality of just knowing about it. It may come in a gentle way like a light being switched on in the darkness. For most of us, life is full of distractions: endless things to be done, we distract ourselves from things we do not want to face; there is an abundance of sensory stimulation and excitement. For those of us fortunate enough to be living in the so-called developed world, life is very rich with all kinds of possibilities and opportunities.

The downside, or I would rather call it the opportunity, is that we have to make the effort to switch off the external noises and listen more deeply to ourselves, to the quiet voices of our intuitive knowing. As things are going well, we are less inclined to do so. When we hit a bump in the road, an unexpected challenge or difficulty, we get a wake up call and we are forced to stop and hopefully re-evaluate the course we are on.

We need to switch on the light of our awareness, which is loving. However, our first instinct is often to point a finger of blame - ourselves, someone or other(s) or possibly God. Why is this not going the way I want? What have I done? What did I do to deserve this? I must be a bad person. I am not lovable. Life is too hard. I want... well, I do not really know what I want, but it is not this. I feel really bad. There is nothing I can do. All of these very human reactions do nothing to help us out of the difficulty we are facing.

We first of all must love ourselves, not berate ourselves which is like rubbing salt in the wound. When we can stand back and observe the situation to see it for what it is, we become aware of how we can move forward once again.

An exercise I have found very helpful is one I call the 3 A’s; Acceptance, Awareness, Action. When I feel stuck in a negative situation I run the following statements in my mind:

I accept that....

I am aware that...

My action is to....

For example:

I accept that I am feeling irritable with my neighbour

I am aware that I have not tried to communicate with her

My action is to make time to be more friendly towards her.

By completing the statements as many times as I need to get clear, I find there is something I can do to make a difference and change how I am viewing the issue. A change of perception and perspective empowers me and enables me once again to take charge of my life, no longer a victim of outrageous fate.

I look at it this way. Suppose I am a ship on a rough ocean. I am subject to the winds that toss me around (my mind - do this, do that, no not this, no not that) and the currents of the sea that pull me one way or another (my emotions - I am scared, depressed, hopeless, a failure). A stormy sea? Sometimes, life is just like that. What are my choices? To be clear about what I really want in my heart of hearts, How would I like to be feeling, no matter what the outer conditions? What can I do to change?

As I gain awareness of my destination, I can sail through difficulties more easily and with Grace. I focus on where I am heading. What is more, with awareness, I manage to avoid the rough seas. I steer a clear course because I am listening for the navigation that is being given to me. Rough patches become invigorating, and even fun.

Shaking up is not necessarily a bad thing at all. These are what I call the “blessings in disguise”. When I remember to look for them, every difficulty has blessings in it. In your intention to enjoy a wealthy life, it may have much less to do with the money you have in the bank. As I have found, money does not make me immune to feelings such as hurt, disappointment, frustration, guilt or resentment. Growing my love and acceptance of myself and the world around me is where I find wealth. It has not a lot to do with money. It has a lot to do with my freedom.

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