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In his book, The Success Principles - How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Jack Canfield makes the point that you must decide to be wealthy. He also quotes at the beginning of the section on Success and Money, Wallace D Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich:

There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty.

Another five week Peace Theological Seminary class that I facilitated a few years ago was on the theme of The Spiritual Principles of Abundance and Prosperity. A quote from it that I also learned from Wallace D Wattles goes:

To receive, you must be active.
You will receive in direct proportion to your:
Clarity of vision
The definiteness of your purpose
The steadfastness of your faith and
The depth of your gratitude.

What this says to me is that your actions must be based on the solid foundations of vision, purpose, faith and gratitude. The foundation is more than a set of intellectual concepts to be debated. They represent feeling qualities that are real within you. Those feeling qualities lead you to affirm an inner “Yes” to life, doubt-free. They lead you to being expansive in your nature, confident and trusting. All is well in your world. You may not have all of the answers you think you need right now, but you know that your are on the right track leading you to where you want to be.

With this formula, one part is DOing and 4 parts are to do with BEing. To review those 4 parts:

1. Clarity of Vision

What is your picture of wealth? This may be a picture you see, feel or hear - some of us are more visual than others who “picture” more by hearing or feeling. Your image for wealth (and I suggest also health and happiness) needs to be unqualified and unconditional. With clarity will come enthusiasm. With enthusiasm you have the energy to take the actions required to produce the results you seek.

Take a few moments now to close your eyes, breath deeply and relax. Let go of any tensions or distractions and be aware of a calmness and peace within you. Let a thought, image, feeling or sound surface in your mind that represents clarity to you. It might be a colour, a harmony, an exquisitely beautiful scene in nature, something soft you can touch, a diamond, crystal clear water.

However the image of clarity shows up for you, now allow a statement of knowing come to mind - just a few words. This could be something like: I know that all is well. I know that I am love. I know that day follows night. I know the air is clear after a rain shower. Let your shoulders drop and breathe deeply.

If you can, get up and move around and notice any other awareness that comes to mind about the clarity you have for yourself, that is part of your expanded health, wealth and happiness. Ask inwardly for guidance, and be open to being shown greater understanding.

2. Definiteness of Purpose

What is your purpose for wealth? Why do you want it? How does greater wealth serve you now? What is your purpose in life as a whole? You are uniquely you. How can you best fulfil the special qualities and talents with which you were born?

There might be more to wealth for you than simply having a good time because you have more money to spend. Having more money to spend is terrific. Then what? How would money serve to increase the quality of your health, and happiness? What opportunities would you have through receiving greater wealth?

Knowing your purpose is like finding the accelerator that will sustain you in moving forward. Your purpose gives you the motivation to go through and beyond any obstacles you might meet on the way. People often ask me how I can actually sit down to write every day. First of all, it is something I really enjoy doing. Since my teens, I have always been writing. Second of all, I am fulfilling a purpose to know more and to share what I know, and I hope in the process to benefit others. The discipline to do is easy because my love is involved. I am easily committed to what I care most about.

3. Steadfastness of Faith

Faith is perhaps one of the most demanding attitudes to sustain. It seems to me so often when a person sets off on a course to meet a heartfelt goal or objective that all the good reasons why it cannot happen flood in. Doubt: Can I really do it? Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Who do I think I am, trying to achieve this? I must be mad. Why don’t I just stay put and maintain the status quo? I must be asking for the impossible. Is it really worth “rocking the boat”. It will be hard on my family if I go ahead.

There are two cautions, or indeed purposes, relating to doubt.

When in doubt, don’ t do.

In this case, I view doubt more like a pause than a total halt. When you are aware of a doubt, it is worth stopping to reevaluate some aspect of your project. Something may be out of alignment for you and needs clarification. It can be wise to hold before moving ahead. In time, more becomes clear and then you will get the “green light” to go.

If in doubt, check it out.

In doubt, there may be more information you need before proceeding. Again, not necessarily a bad thing. More of an asset when you understand the awareness you are being given.

However, to reinforce faith, affirmations are powerful. You can use an awareness of doubt to turn it around and to create affirmation to reinforce your faith. For example:

Doubt: I don’t have what it takes to create a wealthy lifestyle

Faith: I am taking sure steps towards creating the life of my dreams

Doubt: I am never committed enough to achieve what I want

Faith: I am finding it easy to honour my heartfelt aims and goals

Doubt: It is not worth the effort. I would rather stay safe and not take risks.

Faith: I am coming more alive, enjoying life more as I risk being true to myself

Doubt: I will probably fail again

Faith: I am enjoying greater success than ever before

Doubt: People like me never get wealthy

Faith: I am easily and gracefully receiving greater wealth


4. Depth of Gratitude

The attitude of gratitude is the key to success

This last element is perhaps the most personally empowering. It challenges any feelings of lack present. When you have a vision of something more than you presently have, it is all too easy to feel a lack when you make the comparison between what you have now, and what you want. Easy to feel dissatisfied.

The energy of dissatisfaction is very lowering and drains enthusiasm. So you need to change your mind now. Switch into the fullness of all that you presently have. Experience the gratitude for it. It is a way of conditioning yourself to expect the best that your imagination has prepared for you.

A bit like forgiving, being grateful calls upon your spirit of love to stand forward, regardless of the outer circumstances. It is very freeing. With gratitude comes an experience of fullness such that you are absolutely open and clear to receive generously and unconditionally the feast of health, wealth and happiness you have been preparing.

All of the above 4 states are blessings that you give to yourself. Can you see how you are in control of your destiny? You are the one making the choices. No one else can make the choices for you - unless of course, you let yourself be controlled by others’ views and opinions. Even then, you are the one that is allowing that to happen in the ultimate sense.

John Morton in his book: The Blessings Already Are defines blessing simply as “greater good”. No matter what other people may choose to do with their wealth, how will you dedicate your wealth to greater good, such that it is a blessing?

Many years ago, I asked myself the question: what would I do with a million pounds? At that time, and relative to my then circumstances, this amount was considerable. After buying the house, car and a few holidays, I saw myself supporting creative people having their work exhibited, known and appreciated.

That awareness led me in the direction of having creative people appreciate the value of their contribution, building their self-esteem and having the courage to express more their skills and talents. Not only “creative” people such as painters, composers and writers, but “ordinary” people who had an area in which they were creative - office workers, housewives, students and those who had “retired”.

There is absolutely no limit to the greater good that is available to bless our world and the individuals living in it. The wealth we have yet to realize, to benefit ourselves and others, is enormous.


A challenge that I am mindful of is that of translating spiritual truth into the mundane level. The mundane level is very trapping - in some ways, more so than ever because there is so much that captures our attention. Why on earth would we take time from having so much to enjoy, and be busy with, to appreciate the finer points of a spiritual reality?

The answer is, as I observe it, that we get stressed. Things do not work out as we expect. They go “wrong”. We get disappointed. Promises get broken. Hormones change. Our youth does not last. Health fails. In short, we get all manner of what I see as “wake up calls”. There has to be something more. We hope. And then we doubt.

A spiritual practice that benefits many is Seeding and Tithing. Seeding has to do with casting a seed for the outcome that you desire, for the highest good of all concerned. The process is one in which you intuitively put a monetary value on the goal you are aiming for. The objective could be a financial increase, but equally it could be a relationship, a job, a new home, a parking space, better health, peace of mind. You then determine a seed amount that you would be willing to donate to the source of your spiritual teachings, or church. And you donate it. People have experienced extraordinary results through seeding.

Tithing has been described in the Bible. It involves donating 10% of your increase, typically financial. As with Seeding, you make the donation to the source of your spiritual teachings or church.

If this idea is new to you, it may seem strange. But the amazing thing is that people who tithe keep doing so because they keep experiencing increases in quality of life, not necessarily financial. Not only that. There is something about tithing that provides a sense of detachment and trust in the process of life to deliver what you need. That has been my own experience.

I keep the focus and lose the attachment to the results happening just the way I think they should. I am one of those whose plans seem to get superseded by events that are usually much better than anything I could come up with. And I do have a good imagination. Seeding and Tithing I see as acts of cooperation that lead to greater freedom and peace of mind. That is indeed a blessing.

For more information on Tithing and Seeding, you might like to go to: http:// and


Much as we need to both breathe in and breath out, there is a value in letting go once we have done our work. The work we do towards increasing our experience of wealth is both inner and outer. In the time of surrender, we can connect with the deeper part of ourselves, to listen to our intuition, to be restored and nourished.

This could be through meditation. But also through taking regular physical exercise. Spending time with friends, doing things you love to do. Even zoning out in front of the television. By just being happy, not stressed and fearful that you might not have “done enough”, you are allowing the space for good to come to you.

Surrender tells you that all is well and is being taken care of. You have done your part the best you can. You have cooperated with what had to be done. You can let it go - for the highest good of all concerned. Have you ever had the experience of having gone to bed with an unresolved issue, had a really good sleep and woken with some new insight and refreshed and ready to take action once again?

Sometimes, when I have gone away for a few days, things seem to get sorted out in my absence. I love this. For one who is something of a control freak, it is wonderful to know that I do not have all the answers and am not ultimately responsible for everything going right. I just do my best and the rest follows. It is a good formula for a peaceful existence.


To return to the processes of Tithing and Seeding, they are a way to invite spiritual support such that you are truly not alone in any endeavour. Spiritual support may be delivered in many ways, through a range of resources such as people who have what you may need. Many of us have had a view of “God” as an individual with the power to give to, or take from us, like a parental figure. We may not mature beyond that relationship which I see as a limited one.

I prefer to relate to the God that is within all forms of life and inanimate matter and a powerful source of energy which I can use for the good, or not good if I am so inclined. However I choose to use that divine energy will give me certain results. I prefer the results of using the energy for good - given the limitations of my humanness. When I go “off track” or miss the mark, I generally know about it because I suffer the effects. My energy is low; I feel off balance, irritable or sad.

Attuning to God is a process of enlightened self-interest for me. Not sainthood. I simply feel better when I am expansive and constructive with how I use the divine energy, that is who I truly am. Nor do I punish myself (unless I am on automatic and fall into an old pattern of judgmental behaviour) when I fall off the wagon. Those are the times I need to be God to myself: loving, forgiving, compassionate and tender. My God is a loving God.

The more love I extend to myself, the more my “world” of people and events mirror that love to me in support of me. How can I expect anyone else to love me, if I do not love myself? I might say that I am still a work in progress. However, I have invested in laying in a good foundation of self-care such that I generally spring back pretty quickly and have a group of wonderful friends who add to my support in my times of need. They know to be God to me when I forget. What a blessing!


To return to the money side of wealth, with spiritual alignment you may experience the magic of money. That is to say, miracles taking place. When all seems lost, something shows up in the nick of time. I have read more stories than I can fully recall of people just about at the end of their tether on a project, not knowing where the money was going to come from and in the ninth hour a solution turning up. Up until that moment, they have probably done all they could to the limit of their ability. They put out the call for help as widely as they know. And their call is answered positively.

I have noticed that once I am on the move, I have a better chance of experiencing synchronicity - meeting just the right person, or resource at the right moment, and coincidence. When I am relaxed and in the flow of my life, clear about what I want, things have a way of finding me. Somehow I seem to attract them. I am not sitting at home waiting for a knock on the door. I do have to take action. But having taken action, the results show up. I am not in control. I am available for the best possible solutions being offered to me. When they arrive, I am more than happy to receive them.

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