Anne Naylor

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If you don’t know where you are going,
you will end up somewhere else.

If you don’t know what you want,
you will end up with something els

Know what you want - what is “wealth” for you? In your heart. Back in 1970 I spent 6 months as a hippie in India. I noticed that my fellow travellers seemed in search of purpose and meaning in their lives. That may or may not have been true for them. Although I was not consciously aware of it, the truth is I was lacking purpose and meaning in my own life at that time. What then was a limitation has since proved to be a great blessing. A weakness was transformed into a strength.

Deep down, in your heart of hearts, you know what you want. We all do. You know your purpose. Meaning is the positive interpretation you give your experiences. To live a life rich with meaning and purpose is a wealthy life. This life begins in the heart, by which I mean that which makes you tick, your natural motivation, the love within you.

What is true for you is not necessarily true for your parents, siblings, best friend, closest ally, teacher, employer, team mate. You are uniquely you, with a divine right to lead your life the best way you can. The challenge is to accept yourself and others, while still feeling connected and at one with those who do not share your way of thinking and doing things. Being true to yourself invites honesty and courage. Courage also starts in the spiritual heart.

What then does wealth mean for you? Do you already have plenty of money but lack real peace of mind, or happiness in your close relationships? Do you have a rewarding career but lack time to spend with friends and loved ones? Do you find it easy to be giving, but harder to receive? Do you want to be financially very wealthy and still be of service to others? Are you so busy with your work that you have no time to take care of yourself properly? What would it take for you to be truly wealthy, in the greatest sense of the word?

There is a saying that goes: “Lucky in money; unlucky in love. Lucky in love; unlucky in money,” That is not necessarily true. I know people who have both. Can you have it all? If you could have it all, you might not want it. But I know that what is really important and valuable for you in your heart of hearts, yes, you can. The beginning of this journey towards true wealth is loving everything about your life, including you, just as it is, and you are, right now.

In order to get what you want, you must love what you have

So what is wealth for you? What do you want? What are the experiences your are looking for? How can you begin to get them? You can start by cultivating wealthy thoughts and a wealthy attitude. While you cannot control other people or the world around you, you can take charge of your own thoughts and actions. You can choose the attitude with which you respond to events and circumstances around you.


Repeat the I AM WEALTHY statement above a few times to yourself. What images come to mind? Do self-doubts surface? Love and bless them! They will show you the direction to your wealth. How? Be open and listen. Take a deep breath and relax. Your doubts are a mirror opposite for the greater reality of the strengths and qualities that make you a gift in your life.

The truth is that we live in a wealthy world. There is absolutely no shortage of resources. In fact, resources are constantly on the increase. Human beings are natural creators and problem solvers. Have you noticed the growth of new technology in the past few years?

For every problem that exists, someone has a solution. We have yet to learn to become better distributors of our wealth, better givers, open to sharing what we have, willing to receive the answers to our prayers.

Take the I AM WEALTHY statement a stage further. On a sheet of paper draw a heart in the centre with the words I AM in the middle of it. At the bottom of the page, write: All this or something greater for the highest good. Now draw lines out from the heart with words on them that complete I AM statements. Such as: peaceful; joyous; optimistic; happy; loving my life; enjoying time with my family; confident; at peace with myself; having wonderful holidays; making more money than I could ever have imagined; making a positive difference in the world; driving a new sports car; helping others to be successful; living in a beautiful home with a swimming pool and lovely garden; loving the time I spend with my spiritual practice; giving great parties; meeting creative people; making sweet friends all over the world; etc These are just a few ideas. Your wealth vision will be unique to you - have fun bringing it spontaneously from your heart to paper.

It is part of our very human nature that when we set out with a positive intention for some new and better outcome in our lives, all the reasons why we cannot have it get flushed up to the surface. Your job is to love and bless the objections. Your love will dissolve the obstacles in your way. Your capacity to love the difficulties that show up will make you a master of the wealth of well-being. Loving is a choice you can potentially make in all circumstances. Growing your capacity for loving will establish your foundation for wealth. No one can take that education, that wealth, from you. You will always have it to give.

I hope you are beginning to fill in the picture of what wealth is for you; how you will feel as a wealthy (or wealthier) person, what it is like for you to resonate with and attune to wealth in your life. As you contemplate and entertain wealth, more thoughts and ideas will come to mind. It is worth making a note of them. There is something about committing your vision to paper that assists in bringing it about.

Why do you want it? - What is your purpose for being wealthy?

Knowing your purpose for wealth will engage a greater commitment of energy and attention towards achieving success. This energy is the fuel to move you from where you are now in terms of your wealth to where you want to be. I deeply believe that every human being has the potential to be as wealthy as they truly wish to be, however they define wealth for themselves. Much as a polar explorer prepares for his adventure across the ice, so you too need to be well-equipped for your mission to produce a wealthier life. The difference is that your journey does not have to involve hardship and can be well-paced and blessed with ease and Grace. Your purpose is the fuel that will take you from start to finish. The main item of equipment you will be taking with you is your awareness.

Everyone’s problem is a lack of awareness about how to handle a situation

I would like to emphasize that there is no lack of anything in our world - and that includes awareness. Knowing what you need, and how to ask for it, will be valuable tools on your journey to greater wealth. Awareness tends to come in quiet moments when you are most open and receptive.

In clarifying your purpose for wealth, ask yourself: how will your wealth better serve you, and others? The balance of motives is important. When you serve yourself first, you are then in a very good position to give freely and unconditionally from your overflow, and not because you need something from the person you are giving to.

So looking at yourself first, how will you become more personally fulfilled both on the way to achieving your wealth vision, and when you have accomplished your goal? How will your health and well-being be improved - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Which personal qualities will you be enjoying more - such as freedom, peace of mind, trust, self-esteem, self-confidence, enthusiasm, joy. What wealthy attitudes will you be adopting? How will you be enjoying life’s journey differently? How will your life be more expansive in terms of opportunities to do, or be, more than before? How will it be to be more accountable and empowered than in the past? More about these later.

Now think about your wealth opportunities and purpose in relation to others. There in an increasing trend in the wealthy towards philanthropy. Those who give freely and generously from their overflow not only benefit from better mental health and peace of mind, but their wealth has a way of increasing. How does that work? I am not sure, but it happens.

How will you use your wealth to benefit others? Wealth may also provide you with time to give to others. Whether it is time, money or any other resource, giving makes for better health and greater happiness. How will you be better serving family, friends, neighbours, your community, the world at large with your wealth?

Think for a moment of the wealth of qualities you have right now to share with others. You do not have to be financially wealthy to start giving more. If you would like to be happier, try making others happier. A simple smile communicates so much and you never know when a smile can lift someone’s burden or heavy thought for a moment. You have probably heard the expression that a busy person always seems to have time. A truly wealthy one has time too.

To play with money a little - if I could give you £/$/€ one million to benefit others, how would you distribute it? Think as broadly and creatively as you can. You might choose one charity that is close to your heart and give it all there. Or, you might charter a plane to take terminally ill children for a week’s holiday in Disneyland. Or you could have several different possibilities up your sleeve. Oprah Winfrey is one of the most inspired, creative and visible givers. I would include giving parties, taking friends to the theatre or concerts or organizing an art festival. Right now, if you had £/$/€10 in your pocket, how could you spend it to benefit someone else? Or is it time you treated yourself?

What is your purpose?

Earlier, I mentioned my trip to India. It was a profound experience. As I became familiar with that way of living, I was disturbed that so many were to my eyes throwing their lives away with drugs. Starting with cannabis, they would progress to heavier drugs and descend into theopium dens in cities such as Bombay, as it was then. It hurt me to see people destroying themselves for what seemed to me to be lack of any real purpose for living.

At the end of six months, as comfortable as I had grown to be in India, I felt that in this lifetime, I had been born, raised and educated in the West; that if I were to pursue life in the Eastern culture, I would have been born there. With other travellers, I felt disenchanted with life in the West. I did not feel that I belonged to it. The materiality, lack of real spiritual value, a culture we had left which seemed empty and very lacking to us.

The evening before leaving Bombay on the Kuwait Airways flight for London Heathrow I met up with a merchant whom I had first met shortly after I had landed. He said that I had transformed and should become a guru. He would buy me an ashram where I could help people. Whether or not that would have happened, goodness knows. In any event, my powerful feeling was to assist people find meaning and purpose in their lives in their own countries, so that they did not have to drop out, and potentially kill themselves in India. Prevention rather than cure. I did not like to see that waste of life. I was passionate about it.

While I had been travelling, I had constantly written journals, more to gain personal understanding than for publication purposes. I resolved, when I got back to England, that I would write about my experiences and the need for people to wake up to a greater reality, meaning and purpose in their lives so they would not destroy themselves. If I were going to make a difference in the world, I would need to go to “the centre and the top”. I could do nothing as a drop out in India. And first of all I would have to come to terms with myself, living in my country and culture of origin.

My quest took me to many leads - publishers, editors, writers, and even Lord Thomson of Fleet, who headed up a large publishing empire at that time. The Managing Editor at Michael Joseph was ready to receive my manuscript. When it came to write the book, I simply was not ready to do so. I put writing aside as I learned to adjust to living in England again.

20 years later, having done a lot of work in the area of personal development, both for myself and then assisting individuals, groups and organizations achieve their objectives, I was invited by a publisher to write my first book: Superlife The Seven Steps that Spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S. As I began to write the first chapter, I felt moved to tears. This was the book I had wanted to write all those years ago. The passion was still there. Now I was ready for it. All the work I had been doing in the intervening time gave me the material to ride on the energy I had: the desire to be of service to others.

Superlife was followed by Superlove The Guide to Happiness In Personal Relationships and then SuperYou Be The Best You Can Become. Where Superlife was mainly about achieving success in the world, I realized how relationships with others were such an important part of success. In writing Superlove, I realized that happiness in relationship with others is mirrored by the relationship with ourself. I learnt that when I am true to my own sense of value, personal values and healthy attitudes, the rest of my life would line up accordingly. The buck stops with me. At the end of the day, I am the only one in charge of my life, accountable for my well-being, happiness and peace of mind.

You may have had experiences earlier in your life which have defined the direction you have taken, and the choices you have made so far. You may simply know it. In terms of your potential for a wealthy life, knowing your purpose gives you a guiding light. The experiences you have had, the lessons you have learnt in life, will all go to make up your wealth - a treasury of riches which is who you are.

Be true to yourself and your own divine purpose

When you are true to yourself, life is so much more enjoyable! You can be free to live in ways that honour you. When you are true to yourself, you are happy with just who you are. You do not have to live up to others’ expectations. You can still be a loving person, but you do not have to live up to the expectations, or even demands, others have for you, or that you think others have for you. Be yourself - you will really like it!

You were born with a wealth of resources to realize and be fulfilled. Your life will offer you the opportunities to explore and discover your magnificence as a spiritual being. You are not alone. When you are true to yourself, you will find an abundance of support from exactly those who can assist you achieve your heart’s desires. Life really does not have to be unbearably hard or difficult - often our thoughts condition our experiences. We can change our thoughts.

Imagine for a moment that you have a special purpose. It can be quite simply stated. What if, deep down, you do know it. Be open to your divine purpose. You might be surprised to discover it.

What is it like, being you? Be true to your uniqueness

You are a divine being. In this life, it is possible to recognize your Self in the many aspects reflected in the world around you - other people, images and events. What if you are inherently valuable? How could you best respect and love yourself? How could you love yourself with greater devotion and respect?

What if you could be totally in charge of your life?
How might you direct the vehicle that you are?

If you could receive a blessing of wealth right now, what would that be? Close your eyes and open your heart. Allow yourself to attune to the best that your life can be. You deserve the best. Be willing to receive it. Envisage yourself being surrounded by a clear white light that is lifting any darkness or difficulty from you. Feel yourself growing lighter, brighter and more filled with joy.

The wealth that you are is so much more than money alone. I would like to invite you to consider celebrating the wealth that you already are; that you have yet to have realize in full.

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