Anne Naylor

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In 1989, I created a vivid scenario for myself of a life experience I very much wanted to have. Staying in Santa Monica, I had a view over the ocean and the beach where I loved to walk. This was the vision I created for myself:

My Life is a Breeze

I see the easy sun sparkling on the ocean and in the white cascade of waves as they splash over the beach.

I hear a distant roar and infinite rhythm of the ocean and sea birds calling through the wind’s breath.

I feel the warm sun soothing my skin and a gentle moist spray on the wind as it softly caresses my face.

I taste the salt of the spray as I lick my lips and I smell a cool fresh invigorating sea air as it enters my lungs.

My beingness is serene with a radiant calm and trust in God’s loving presence to nurture and sustain me.

I am filled with exuberance and joy and the feeling of freedom to live, love and laugh to my fullest capacity... ! 

My Life is a Breeze and I am Living it in Loving

At the time I was forming this vision, unknown to me a house started to be built on the edge of a cliff in Santa Barbara. In April of 1990, I had left London with my husband to explore the possibility of living in California. A week after we had arrived, we found this recently completed house and were the first to live in it. Light and bright, we enjoyed spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean and the beach below. My vision was realized in a way I could never have imagined.

We stayed in Santa Barbara for the following two winters - some of the happiest times of my life with friends I had come to know well who shared my values and outlook in life.

Inwardly - prayer, meditation, vision, attune to your goal, resonate with the result

affirm it vividly

No matter what your present external circumstances, you have the possibility to direct your life in new ways, from the inside out. In my experience, I have found value in investing time and attention to re-conditioning my inner world for new desired states of mind and successful outcomes.

Knowing what I want, having the clear intention - the inner knowing, then I begin to move towards it - first inwardly. Have you ever watched a child in pursuit of something he or she really wants? They do not give up easily. Similarly, as adults we can assume the innocence of a child in being open and willing to ask for what we want, and then happily receive it.


We make the petition, surrender it, get on with life as it is right now and in its timing, it arrives. During the time of my separation and divorce from my husband, I was very clear about the new love I wanted in my life. This new love was not so clear about me however. I continued my “petition” fairly relentlessly until one day he said he was planning to live in New Zealand. I had no intention of moving there.

So I gave up my petition and let go of my expectations. Not long after that, I received a phone call from him in the United States while he was on a book tour - on a calm January morning. He said he thought we should be together. It was not the place that was important for him in his life, but the person. And I was the person.

I was not a little shocked and responded that I wanted to think about it. After the phone call, I went to clean the car. It came to mind that the pizza I had forgotten I had ordered was now ready for delivery. A month afterwards, this new love did come to live with me and was known as the Pizza. There is a lesson in this experience. I will come to that later,


We may contemplate the outcome we want - entertaining the experience of it in quiet moments. The technique of affirming an outcome is a powerful tool that I have found to produce what I have wanted. It is a way of conditioning the sub-conscious mind so that we are naturally drawn to what it is we seek. And in some extraordinary way, it is drawn to us.

Affirmations are a form of prayer from the child within us to our higher nature that is connected to all of life around us. Positively stated in the first person present tense, an affirmation may be repeated daily until the consciousness has taken it on fully as a reality.

It works more powerfully if you envision what you are affirming, and experience it vividly with all of your senses, when you are most relaxed and receptive. Last thing at night and first thing in the morning are really good times to play with affirmations and re-condition the sub-conscious. Breathing deeply as you repeat the words is also effective. Saying them aloud, such as when you are driving, works well. In your mind you are anchoring what you are going for.

This inner process is akin to asking yourself for what you want, perhaps at the same time, giving yourself permission to have it. Inwardly you are making the connection and coming into alignment with your vision so that when you go into the world around you, you are presenting a united front as it were. You are in a full state of acceptance of the reality you want - like the child who is single minded. The inner conditioning is preparing yourself to receive.

The positive alignment I am suggesting supports our expansive nature. That is to say that we are designed for expansion, to invite experiences that will enhance our expansion with new occurrences, at every age and stage of our lives. If we lose this appetite for expansion, we tend to atrophy one way or another.

Again, looking at small children, they have a curiosity about life and adventure to discover more about it. As they explore, discover and learn, they expand their knowledge of this world and themselves within it. A youthful spirit does not have to leave us at any age, though it does if we get overwhelmed by pressures, or demands that we assume, or feel are being put upon us.

When we get stuck in limiting habit patterns or beliefs, we contract against life and in a sense “die” before our time. I know remarkable people in their 80’s and 90’s who are curious, adventurous and have a youthful zest for life. They seem ageless. They do not carry blemishes and burdens from their past but retain humour, joy, a sparkle and are a lot of fun to be with.

It goes without saying (almost - but I am saying it anyway) that for our greatest health, wealth and happiness, we go for the best possible outcome we can imagine. There is no shortage of anything in our world. We are richly supplied. Would you be willing to ask for what you really want? Would you be more open to a quality of ease and grace, fun and enjoyment, health, wealth and happiness - on the way to receiving what you want?

Below is a guided visualization to assist you to attune to and ask for your greater wealth.

Visualization For Greater Wealth

Begin by breathing deeply and relaxing. Drop your shoulders and begin to see a clear white light coming down over your head and swirling around you, lifting any shadows of darkness; dispelling doubts, fears, anxieties. Feel each cell in your body resonating peacefully, happily and harmoniously.

Take in a deep breath and become aware of your heart centre - listen for its steady beat and feel your life moving effortlessly through your whole body. Notice a spark of light growing within you. Feel the love that is you coming awake and resonating gently within you.

Bring to mind the first image of greater wealth that comes to you. What is it? Where are you? Are you alone, or with one or more others? As you picture the wealth, notice how you feel. Are you warmer, cooler, more serene, peaceful, or excited? Can you touch this image? What does it feel like? Is there any sound coming from it - what can you hear?

Inwardly describe what you see, feel and hear - anything you now observe. Be aware of an expansion of love as you do so - joy, enthusiasm, confidence and trusting. All is well with you, and your world. Breathe deeply into these feelings and observe as they grow to embrace all of you so that you are radiant with wealth.

Envisage now that you are being approached by a dear friend who notices your radiance and asks you: What is your vision for wealth? How may I assist you to receive it? The answer comes clearly to your mind and so you ask for what you need to assist you to achieve what you want. Your friend eagerly responds with the offer to support you in any way they can. You feel the connection of love as you receive their gifts of wisdom and guidance that will lead you forward on your adventure into greater wealth. You thank them and you embrace, receiving their warmth and reassurance.

You know that your companion for wealth is always there for you. That with each step you take, the blessing of their presence is with you, loving and assisting you. They suggest you find a tangible symbol of their presence that you can have with you as a reminder of the loving partner you have on your journey.

Bring yourself now more consciously aware of where you are. Take a few moments to make a note of the insights you received and start to look for the symbol that will be your reminder of wealth and expansion. It could be an object from nature. A small gift that you give to yourself. Let yourself be guided to receive it.


Writing down your vision and goals commits you to them. I have had the experience of writing down a vision, forgetting about it and then finding it weeks or even months later that it had taken place. A heartfelt wish that is written down and forgotten about may take no more thought than that. Remember the saying: be careful what you ask for because you might just get it - and everything that goes with it. Meaning for example, you might ask for a fast car, then have the costs of running and maintaining it, which you were not prepared for.

For this reason it is wise to add to any request: for the highest good. That some of my prayers have not been answered has been a blessing. Or if a prayer is not answered, I declare it a blessing anyway, because I might not have known all that was coming with it. I assume that the best is always taking place - that is my fundamental prayer.

You might reasonably argue that it cannot be that the best is always taking place and find plenty of reasons why this is so. Outwardly, of course it is true that things can look really bad. However inwardly, with the consciousness of wealth, I assume that every “bad” thing does have a purpose or value and it is up to me to look for that. What I look for is generally what I find.

An important clause to conclude any written goals, affirmations or visions is:


My divorce was not a happy experience for me at all at the time. I dearly loved my husband but did not have the strength or maturity to communicate clearly what was really important to me such that he could understand it. I tried all I knew to do to “make the marriage work”. Had I been able to anticipate the pain of the divorce process, I might never have embarked upon it. At the time, I was unable to see any other way forward.

In letting go of the marriage, it was clear to me that I would value a friendship as an outcome because I appreciated my husband as a person, having been together for over 20 years. He is one of the most caring, inspired and courageous people I have ever known. Losing him as a husband, I had to let go of many patterns of immaturity and come to accept myself more fully as I truly am. This has been a blessing that goes beyond words. The renewed relationship of forgiving and loving acceptance towards myself led me to many new and wonderful friendships. I am freer now than I ever was to be true to myself.

At the time of my separation and divorce I wrote several visioning statements for positive outcomes, which I kept. They have all been realized. I am fortunate to harbour no ill-feelings and continue to hold the admiration and respect for my ex-husband that I always had. What is more, from my experience, I have been able to assist others get through their divorces more easily; to keep the love alive in and for themselves, no matter what it taking place outwardly. And with the marriage ceremonies I now conduct, I confidently encourage the couple to commit to love each other for their lifetimes. Because I know that even if the relationship evolves away from marriage, the loving can always remain - though I do not include the prospect of such an eventuality in the ceremony.



On a smaller scale than a lifetime change, writing down an outcome you want to achieve or experience for say a meeting, a project that you are working on, a journey that you are about to make is a way to condition yourself to a positive outcome. It takes only a few minutes to jot down say three or four sentences that describe the experience and result you wish for. Put it to one side and forget about it. After the event, look at it again, and see how closely the outcome has matched the written statement.

A form of an envisioning statement was the Birthing Plan I created with the friend, giving birth to her second child who was to become my god-daughter. My friend had had a troublesome time with the birth of her first child. She was feeling nervous about history repeating itself with her second.

We wrote down about a dozen positive statements that described every stage from going to the hospital to the happy atmosphere after her daughter was born. It was quite detailed. Amazingly, every detail described exactly how the birth took place. I have heard it said that fear is the energy for a new situation. When you observe fear in a detached way, it is simply energy and in its way a gift to be used. The energy of fear can be used and directed positively to achieve a clearly stated desired outcome. It works.


Words will condition and prepare you to receive what you want. A more subtle form of conditioning is imagery. The unconscious “thinks” in symbol form. In a sense, you are re-educating the unconscious to be receptive to greater wealth. Treasure maps are made up from images you cut from magazines, cards or say a treasure map.

It works well to cut the images more or less at random - choose the ones that appeal to you and catch your attention, without necessarily being too analytical about it. Have in mind your intention for greater wealth and let yourself be guided accordingly.

You will then need a sheet of card and glue to make up your map. This is a very fun and creative exercise - to make visible your heart’s desires. I have known friends successfully create treasure maps for a new love to come into their life; an overseas tour; a new home; a better job; good health - there is no limit that I am aware of.

It may be best to keep your treasure map where only you can see it. There is something about nurturing your vision within yourself, especially while it is new for you, that gives it more power. Having said that, I have also had fun with a group of friends and a pile of magazines, cutting out images and creating our treasure maps. It is wonderful how silent and absorbed we are as we are totally engaged in what we are doing.


Having inwardly prepared yourself for a new result or successful outcome, it is unlikely to fly through the window while you sit still and do nothing. Again, fear may cause you to hold back and do nothing - beyond daydreaming, wishful thinking and hoping for the best. Below are some suggestions for actively moving forward.

- connect with those who can assist you to achieve what you want

- talk to people about what you want - be persistent

- put yourself in place to receive it

- go to where the opportunities are


Back in 1983, in a personal development training, I was one of about 250 other participants. The chairs were moved to the sides of the room and we were set an exercise to ask for what we wanted. The exercise was to go up to as many people as possible and simply ask for what we wanted. They had a choice of 2 answers to give: yes or no.

In answering another’s request, I had to give 9 no’s for every one yes. This meant that in asking, the responses were random. There was no personal agenda such as: oh, they don’t like me and that is why they are saying no. Or: I won’t ask because I will get turned down as usual. Or: I never get what I want - I am not a lucky person. The exercise was to keep going, regardless and without expectation.

My request was for a first class trip around the world - totally impossible in reality at that time because my husband’s business was at an early stage and financially, such a trip was out of the question. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun asking for it. I do not recall how many yes’s or no’s I received. That was not the point. As a group, the more we asked, the more the enthusiasm and enjoyment rose.

The conclusion to my story was that about 8 months later, I was going with my husband to Dublin for a weekend, which was in part work for him. He had picked up a travel magazine which featured an article about good prices for first class round the world flights. He pointed it out to me and asked if I would like a holiday, flying around the world in first class, staying in good hotels on the way. Or, he said, we could go to the Scilly Isles. We went around the world - the first of three such trips we made.

On the first occasion in 1984, I went ahead of my husband for a couple of weeks to stop over in California for two Peace Awareness Trainings. My sense of having attracted a first class trip around the world, which had seemed totally impossible, led me to the conviction that world peace is also possible. Even now, with plenty of evidence to suggest the contrary, I know that it is. A Possible Dream held by one person is made more powerful when shared with others.

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