Wealth School: 12 Keys to Knowing What You Want

Recently, I was talking with a friend, saying that once you know what you really want you are on track to getting it.

Then, he asked:  How do you know what you want? Great question.

My experience travelling in India many years ago was an awakening for me. Before leaving, I felt without purpose and or even a sense of belonging in this world.  At the end of six months’ travelling and reflecting, I knew that my purpose was “to be of service”. I knew that I wanted to assist others who similarly felt at a loss about fulfilling their lives.

My quest took another step with that insight.  I was keen to assist people to find their path of fulfilment, without having to drop out to India, as I had done.

So how do you know what you really want? Fact is, there are many more potential choices than ever before, and fulfilment does not necessarily mean fame, fortune and all that a “rich” lifestyle might afford. Living abundantly need not involve a very fat bank account, as many friends have demonstrated to me.

Here are keys that you can reflect on for finding out what you want.

1. Be with the question:  What do I really want? Open to the answers coming to you, from any direction. Openness is a great key here. Anxiety and pushing shuts doors of opportunity and possibility to you.

2.  Expand your consciousness with gratitude. Be very grateful for everything you have now, however lacking it may seem for you. Go for a walk and count your blessings. Write down in a journal each day a few things you are grateful for, morning and evening.

3.  Relax and listen. This starts with being open. Meditation, taking a little time each day to stop can help.  Deep down, you do know what you want.

4.  Take regular action,  and small steps in the direction of your quest.

a.  Make a note of what you do not want.

b.  Make a note of how you want to feel.

c.  When you receive an insight, write it down.

d.  When you get an intuitive lead, write it down.

5.  Play with Ideal Scenes. Do mind maps and allow your mind to deliver ideas randomly and spontaneously. Let your mind go free. You might be surprised at what comes to the surface. Write down ideas or thoughts that particularly strike you as being on track for you.

6.  Eliminate limiting beliefs and attitudes that hold you back in the past. Check with a friend when you doubt what is possible for you, A reality check can be very useful, but not when it keeps you stuck.

7.  Release attachments to the past, however good or bad, and be open to what life has for you now.

8.  Forgive yourself for judging yourself as being less than you truly are, for lacking abilities and resources, for being in any way unlovable.

9.  Find a team of supporters who are positive and expansive themselves. Choose wisely. No naysayers or those committed to lack and limitation.

10.  Love and accept yourself, just as you are right now. Drop the interfering mind that judges and predicts a seemingly inevitable “disaster”. You can write your own story, not feel a victim of another sad news report.

11.Appreciate and reward yourself frequently for actions taken, even if they do not yet give you the result you are seeking.

12. When you are clear about what you want, entertain your vision regularly.  Feel it, see yourself enjoying it, celebrate the fulfilment of your vision, as if it had already taken place.

My India experience taught me the power of acceptance, not giving up out of hopelessness, but of surrendering to guidance for what is true and valuable for me – even and especially when it does not fit the norm of others I think “have it right”.

My own vision at that time led to me writing and publishing my first 3 books. Your own transformation is in your hands. A Clear Results Consultation may assist you to get where you want to be.

Contact me for information about this opportunity, which could serve you well.

Peaceful sea view to inspire you.

A peaceful sea view to inspire you.

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  1. Angie says:

    Thank you so much Anne, this article inspires me to take action to find my dream since you have already taken the steps and realized your dream, it definitely spurs me on!

  2. Anne Naylor says:

    Good to hear from you, Angie. Many blessings to you as you fulfil your dream!

  3. Witty! I’m adding your site to my favorites for future use!

  4. Details says:

    Would you be interested in writing guest posts?

  5. The helpful help helps someone like me and even more to my associates!

  6. Awesome post. Thanks, we want more! Added to my list of favs as well.

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