3 Keys To Greater Fulfillment In 2009

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"Intention is the key method by which we motivate and move our self on this planet. It always has been." ~John-Roger

If your formal eduction was anything like mine, it may have been directed mainly into gaining qualifications so that you could get a sound job, reliable income and the material benefits to enjoy a rewarding life. So far, so good, But only up to a point.


School education in my experience does not generally equip us to relate well with each other, or we would not witness social breakdown in schools and colleges. Nor does it always assist us to recognize and realize our individual aptitudes, natural motivations, heartfelt aspirations or least of all, our innate value and worth as a human being. This self-understanding leads to personal fulfillment.

What if you could create an intention for greater fulfillment? Setting an intention involves choosing a direction, a positive focus that may be fulfilled in many ways over time. It is not finite and it is expansive.

These 3 keys offer a foundation for your intention, and for the fulfillment that will unfold from it.


"Our intention creates our reality."
~Wayne Dyer

What if you were to fully know your value and express it into the world through your work, your relationships with others and your presence of well-being? You could transform your world - not necessarily the world as a whole, but the world immediately around you - of your family, work colleagues and friends.

I would like to suggest that appreciating your value is an important key to finding greater fulfillment. Appreciate has the sense both of gratitude and of increase. What you appreciate grows in value for you.

Think of a garden you enjoy cultivating, giving your time, care and attention to produce flowers, maybe fruit or vegetables. It gives back to you. As you appreciate yourself, your value grows. As your value grows, you have more to give. As you give more, you may receive more. It is a virtuous cycle that spirals upwards.


A simple and yet powerful exercise I have used in partnership, and in corporate training, is that of acknowledgment (of tasks accomplished) and appreciation (for qualities expressed). Acknowledging and appreciating others is a great exercise for developing intimacy in a close relationship, and strength in a team,

At the end of a day, experiment by acknowledging and appreciating yourself. It could look something like this:

I acknowledge myself for...
... taking the kids to school
... going to the gym
... giving constructive feedback to my assistant

I appreciate myself for
... being patient, kind, thoughtful, fun, a good listener


"Never underestimate the ability of the Divine powers that be to work out what is coming from clear intention." ~John Morton

The intention that works for me is written in my heart of hearts. It is not a sentimental thing but something solid that resonates within me. It is not an idea, a belief, a passing wish or a vain hope. It has the deep quality of knowing. Clear intention in me is profound, unshakable. The energy of intention fuels the aspirations I envisage. A clear workable intention has a quality of joy with it.

We each have a recognizable Personal Motivational Trend, defined as that which we are good at, enjoy doing and gives us the experience of success. If you are at a career turning point, knowing your Personal Motivational Trend will guide towards your next best choice of vocation. Your Personal Motivational Trend stays with you through your lifetime, although it may be experienced through many different avenues of expression.


Reflect for a moment.....

What do you most enjoy doing - at work or otherwise?
What are your natural skills, talents and gifts - things that come easily to you?
Recall a moment of fulfillment in your life so far
- notice what was special about that experience for you; feel, see, hear anything about it, as if it were happening right now. Be aware of the joy within you.


"I'm delirious with joy. It proves that if you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart, it will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn't always do it in the way you expect." ~J. Michael Straczynski

Why celebrate? Because you are worth it, as the advertisement goes In every person I have ever met, when I have looked beyond the smokescreen of disappointment, hurt feelings, frustration, self-doubt, I have never failed to find the precious gift of life, which is also the gift of loving, that sustains them. You, your life, is a precious gift.


Start with giving yourself your most precious gift - the gift of your time. You might like to review this post. (Insert link to How To Celebrate A Lily Day article)

Give yourself a Lily Day, Afternoon or even an Hour; time to breathe and just be yourself; no commitments, no pressures; time to listen to, and follow your heart, as you are inspired. Celebrate the love that you are.

Be prepared - life may find a way of delivering some wonderful surprises for you!

"A good intention clothes itself with power." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What does fulfillment mean for you? What are some of the ways you find fulfillment in everyday life? How would you like 2009 to be a fulfilling year for you? Please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.


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